Sticky Header Issues

We are in the process of re-skinning a old wordpress blog and have been using foundation 6.x.x for some time. I was tasked with making the top menu a sticky header but so far everything I have tried seems to not work. I followed the docs here but Im unable to get it to work. I also noticed If i refresh the page and its in the middle of the content where you cant see the menu, the menu tends to float down to the middle or bottom area.

Please note Im working with a few developers so their may be something Im not seeing how the rest of the page is being rendered.

Site Link - still in beta…


Any help would be appreciated because I have been pulling my hair out on this for some time.

We have fixed some sticky issue in 6.6.1. Which version do you use?

Ill give that a shot… we are on 6.5.3 … hmm hopefully that fixes everything :slight_smile: