Sticky top menu

Could you point me to a coding example or explanation of how to produce a sticky top menu that changes the menu title when the page is scrolled, as shown on your page:

Thanks in advance.

You mean scrollspy? There is a component for this. We call it Magellan:

Are you sure that page in my link is using the Magellan component? I
searched the source code for that page and there was no instance of
“data-magellan” found. I’m not interested in a sticky menu that tracks
the page sections, but the change to the sticky top menu when the user
scrolls down the page - the standard left menu item is replaced by the
page title when the user scrolls down the page, and then the standard
left menu item returns when the users scrolls back to the top of the
page. I’ve seen this on other sites and would like to use it on ours.


Not sure what you mean. This is different how Discourse does / solves it. Discourse is a complete forum solution which does not use Foundation Sites.
You can easily change and animate the content of your sticky header and recreate this logic with a bit code.

OK, I assumed it was a Foundation-based site. It’s that bit of code that
I’m looking for. I’ll start searching elsewhere. Thanks.