Text-center for header tags

I am having an issue with text-center inside an h2. I have tried adding the text-center helper class on the h2 as well as on the card-divider and no luck. I have also tried clearing the cache to make sure Chrome was not hanging on to old styles. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You can enclose the h2 in a

<div class="text-center"><h2>Big Title</h2></div>

Thank you for your response. I have tried that. I must be missing something simple! Here is the code I currently have on the page.

<div class='callout'>
              <div class='card-divider divider-primary'>
                   <h2 class='text-center'>Member Login</h2>
             <div class='card-section'>

Try the text-center as a class in the callout div rather than the h2 selector.

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