Text-center medium-text-left

I guess I would consider this a bug.

I have the following:

<div class="cell text-center medium-text-left">

This seems correct according to: https://get.foundation/sites/docs/typography-helpers.html

However, the text never aligns left. It always remains centered at any size.

If I create my own style:

.text-center-medium-left {
    text-align: center;
   @include breakpoint(medium) {
        text-align: left;

works fine.

Or I am misunderstanding something?

I can not reproduce this here using Foundation 6.6.3:

Dunno what to tell you. This doesn’t work across at least two, maybe three, ongoing projects right now.

(checking browsers)

You can inspect one dev site at, based on F6 which I believe I pulled from git directly a 2-3 weeks ago iirc:


Your rules in custom.css overwrite it. The last applied rule wins (the top one).

Not sure why you duplicate the classes from app.css (foundation) in custom.css.

Dammit. That is not my css. That got injected “by someone else”. Thanks for showing me the trees in spite of the forest.