Top navigation menu

Is there a simpler code for responsicve top navigation menu? I was using the code from the “Building Blocks” and “Docs > Site Docs”. If I paste the code to my newly downloaded 6.6.3, for some reason the menu is always broken. Can anyone help with the top nav code? Is there a better source for them? Thanks

Take a look at the code samples on the documentation page if you haven’t already? Much simpler to follow and get you started? Worth taking a bit of time to have a read of this page.

Thank you, I’ve watched the video. But in my screen, the “hamburger icon” is always displayed, I just copy and pasted the code. Same as the one in tutorial. Are there any CSS or JS files that I need to link? See screenshot below.

Hi there - yep, if you check the bottom of the page I sent it’ll show you the JavaScript dependencies you need. Good luck!

No luck, i initiated the js files already. I know it’s a simple solution but can’t find it. Oh well…

Can you pop the page up somewhere I can take a look for you?

Hi Rowena,

Thanks for the email. Here’s a temp link:

Hope you can lead me to the right direction. I just need the responsive menu, the rest of Foundation is easy for me.

Hey - you’re missing JQuery.
It’s worth going through the Getting Started docs to make sure you’ve got everything where it should be.

Thank you. I’m not into Package Managers. I’ve been using the CSS/HTML downloaded files since many years ago but I now could not access the old CSS template link to download the complete files.

The downloaded files from the link from the homepage is incomplete, no jquery. Can anyone help?

Don’t know how to proceed. I feel Foundation is now too complicated for me, at least for the top responsive menu installation.