Trouble with css responsive menu

Hi I’m having trouble with foundation. I am trying to edit someone’s code who used foundation, which I have never used.

Everything I was given is in CSS, not sass and I don’t know how to convert or transfer things over to use sass anyways.

Long story short, I am trying to change the layout (that are currently sitting at large-3 right-align) and make it responsive so that at -medium and -small size move it moves the div on top of the div it is in and turns into small-12 (centered). I hope this makes sense.

Does anyone have any idea or help without having to pay money?



Some codepen might be useful so we understand how it is and what needs to be done to get to the needed result.

I think this can be accomplished with pull / push, order and the classes for alignment. We have also some prototyping classes which can align items as needed.