Welcome to the new Foundation forums! Introduce yourself

This community is for users of the Foundation for Sites and Foundation for Email open source frameworks. Our community is strong and we can work together to build amazing websites and email. We’ve spent a lot of time making Foundation the most advanced responsive framework so that it’s fast and easy to use. But we understand that sometimes folks get stuck. Reach out to the community to share your insights or ask questions. For more information about our software, visit https://get.foundation.

There are hundreds of thousands of developers using Foundation around the globe. Thank you for choosing to be involved in this community. We look forward to working with you to make the web a better place through Foundation.

Let’s get to know each other…

Building is strong community is really important to us. There is no better way to do that than to get to know who you are. Please introduce yourself to the community. Here are some fun questions to give you some ideas on what you can provide…

  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you been using Foundation?
  • What do you use Foundation for?
  • Do you have any links to websites or projects that you are working on that use Foundation?
  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What is a random fun fact about you?

I figure that I would start off the introductions…

I am Joe Workman. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Antioch for those that are local). I have been using Foundation for around 5 years. I started using it when Foundation 5 was released. I fell in love with everything about it. It used Sass which and that really won me over.

I have a business called Weaver’s Space that makes web addons for a Mac app called RapidWeaver. It’s sort of like LEGO for web designers. Anyways I loved Foundation so much that I built addons for both Foundation for Sites and Email.

I was one of the first people to become certified in Foundation and contributed quite a bit to the Foundation 5 project. Some other ventures took me away from contributing code for a while. However, earlier this year I joined the Yetinaut team again. I have been involved with getting our new website up, this new forum, relocating on GitHub and helping push v6.6.0 out of the door just this week.

I have 3 kids so when I have any free time, its almost always dedicated to carting them around town to music lessons, volleyball, soccer, etc. Sometimes I feel like a taxi driver! But I love it… When it’s soccer season here in the states, I love to watch my SJ Earthquakes!

While I have been born and raised in San Francsico, I have been lucky enough to live in both Brazil and London. I cherish both places and hope to spend a lot more time traveling back to both places.


I am Benjamin Odumah. I live in warri Nigeria. Been using foundation for sites since 2015. Its been the preferred css framework for my team since then.

I’m the founder of Elucomputing a software development firm

We chose it because of its simplicity and going with saas as a pre-processor made us more comfortable. Haven’t been a code contributor but hope to soon.

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Welcome Ben! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you around.

I am Bill the Deaf man! Been using Foundation since 2017 until i switched to RW with F1 stack by Joe Workman. I still code in Foundation sometime with html stack with RW to get the result I wanted when stack doesn’t give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, my name is Jasper and I’ve been using Foundation since about version 4. Thank you @joeworkman for all the work that you and Daniel have done. And I’m sure there have been many more people contributing to the Far Out release.

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Hello, my name is Stefan and I have a small TYPO3-agency in Germany. I use Foundation since version 5 mainly in connection with TYPO3.
I have directly switched to 6.60 and am thrilled how smoothly everything runs!
A thousand thanks to everyone who took care of the further development, the new website, etc.!

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I’m Chris. I use Foundation since version 5. With Foundation i learned how great it is to use Sass!

I use Foundation mainly in concrete5 projects.

Thank you guys for continuing the great work with Foundation!

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Hello everyone,

I’m Borko from Belgrade, Serbia.

I am UX designer, worked on projects using foundation for sites and mails (ink back then) 2013-2016. Now I’m again working for a company which uses foundation for frontend and I was amazed at first but then I realised that almost nothing has changed in past few years.

Are there any plans to continue the good work or foundation is kinda abandoned? I’d like to make a sketch UI kit that would help with design and developer handoff.


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Greetings all! I’m Danny Lewandowski from Atlanta, GA, USA. I’ve been a Foundation user since the very beginning and have always loved it far and above any other framework for its flexibility and customization.

Currently, I am the Associate Director of User Experience for cognizant.com where I have led the team to migrate old Jeet framework pages over to Foundation for the past year. It has been a truly smooth experience and the team of 20+ developers have enjoyed using it.

I look forward to many more years of Foundation and will try to do my best to contribute where I can. Congratulations to all involved for keep the Yeti alive!

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Bruce Wells from NYC area. Been using Foundation since at least 5 and I think was on 4 at the very end, then had to port to 5.

Great to see Foundation is still going. Recommend it to everyone. Friends don’t let friends use BS!

I am a PHP guy (C++ at heart really) and have written a PHP wrapper for Foundation you can find here: https://packagist.org/packages/phpfui/phpfui Basically no need to deal with HTML at all, just use the higher level Foundation concepts. Create a page, add stuff to it and presto!, fully functioning Foundation page, no fuss, no muss. Some examples are included in the repo, but working on a documentation package for PHP projects that will use Foundation and adding more examples.

I just submitted a PR for composer.json update for the new github account, and I hope you continue to support packagist.org, as it is the go to dependency manager for PHP.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work on Foundation. A great project to be sure.

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Hi, I’m Sarah from Melbourne Australia.

I’ve been using Foundation in my RapidWeaver sites for about 5 years now, and recently updated my business site to Foundation 6.

I do freelance web development for wellbeing businesses (therapists, massage clinics, etc) and when I have free choice I favour RapidWeaver + Foundation, but when I don’t I end up using WordPress so my next learning goal is using Foundation with custom WP themes.

When not doing web development I spend time dog-sitting and camping.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Yay another deaf person! Where are you from? I’m only lowercase ‘d’ deaf, but making peace with what I can’t do & starting to learn Auslan (Australian sign)

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@Sarah I live in Missouri in the USA. I sign ASL and I’ve been deaf since birth. It cool meeting another deaf person that code and use Foundation framework! Sorry, I didn’t reply sooner, The email notification from this board wound up in my junk folder.

If you have Facebook, you should join our Deaf coding and web development group! It’s over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/481042812618965/?ref=bookmarks

Fancy meeting you!

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Great to meet you! I have Auditory Processing Disorder, basically because doctors didn’t realise I was deaf until I was 5. My hearing was fixed but the neurological stuff that happens as a baby to understand speach didn’t happen right. I was raised oral and just thinking I was stupid, so it was nice to figure out what was going on later in life & start learning Auslan so I can have converstations without straining to understand :slight_smile:

Do you work with clients directly? I get my clients to either text or video call (so I can lip read, seeing really helps me understand them). I don’t accept voice calls at all, which I’m told puts a lot of people off but that hasn’t been my experience so far. I think the main thing is to make the effort to communicate effectively, however you can do it. In tech so many people are bad communicators even if they’re hearing.

I’ve joined the FB group, that’s for suggesting it :slight_smile:

I used to freelance but now I just work for an organization as the front-end developer. I use email or chat most of the time We have a video phone that is connected to an ASL interpreter and when a hearing person want to call me, they would dial my phone number which automatically place an interpreter between us and the interpreter does the hearing/talking for me while I sign to them on a the video phone. The interpreter is would sign back to me what hearing person said.

Cole in Houston, TX here. Been working with Foundation specifically with Wordpress since v5. I just happened to check back the old forum in desperation, as I’ve been dreading switching to Bootstrap based methods. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Foundation has been de-Zurbed to live on it’s own. So glad and thankful to all who have and are capable of feeding the Yeti.

I’m really a graphic designer that sometimes pretends to be a developer. So I’m a true “user,” reaping many of Foundation’s benefits without really knowing how it ticks inside. I’ve mostly spring boarded my projects using the blank starter theme FoundationPress, which died during the hibernation.

I never attempted to tie Foundation into a theme directly. So now I’m looking for any guidance to replace my old friend FoundationPress or learn more about how to integrate Foundation into my own custom starter theme. The former really being the logical path…did I say that I’m a designer? :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m Dom. From Philadelphia, PA. Been using F6 since F6 launched, both sites and emails. I work for a marketing agency, DMW Direct. I used F6 on top of ExpressionEngine for our company website (https://www.dmwdirect.com/). I also used F6 to develop our newsletter CampaignMonitor template (http://clients.dmwdirect.com/dmw/cm-email-template/basic.html).

I’ll probably have a handful of PRs when you switch focus to F6 for Email.


You can already do that. We will review them then.

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