Why is the icon css not loading properly?

For my CMS TYPO3 template I have to include the foundation_icons_general and the foundation_icons_social but for some strange reason I only get to load one of them.
In my html they are coded to include (load) both. Only the first in line is used (loaded) now.
So seperately they are loaded and working fine. But when I want both (and I do) only one off the css and font are loaded?

Any idea how to solve this? Thanks.


This could be because your code probably sets the font-family (starting at line 10). So the last loaded css file will overwrite the font-family due to the class selector.

You can only use one at a time. To use more try to use [class*="foundicon-social-"] and [class*="foundicon-general-"] which results in .foundicon-social- and .foundicon-general- (which can be used with class="foundicon-general..." and class="foundicon-social-...").

@DanielRuf thanks I will see if that helps. I also tried to have fontawsome loaded but that did not work either when combined. So that might be the same problem and working with the solution you advise. Lets find out :slight_smile:

Great this worked!! Thanks. Also had to rename the css name off the individual icons.